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CD review AIRBAG "The greatest show on earth"

Veröffentlicht am 13. Januar 2014 von Markus W. in Airbag, Prog Rock, News, CD Review

(8/10) I haven’t heard from Airbag earlier and I regret this. If you also haven’t heard about them yet here are some facts. The band comes from Norway and was formed in 2004. They have released already two albums – “Identity” in 2009 and “All right removed” in 2011. Airbag are 5 guys: Bjorn Riis (g), Asle Tostrup (v), Jorgen Gruener-Hagen (key), Anders Hovdan (b) and Henrik Fossum (d) and they play progressive rock. I would describe it as a mix of Marillion and Anathema with quite some Pink Floyd element, esp. some guitar sound.

A few weeks ago the band released their third album which is called “The greatest show on earth”. I don’t really know if their show is the greatest show on earth ;o) but their songs are for sure great. The album has 6 songs which leads to a playing time of 50 minutes. That shows already that we are talking about long and epical songs on the album. The foundation is “Surveillance”. The song is split into two parts. Part 1 is the opener and the album ends with Part 2-3. Both of them together give you already a 20 minutes journey through a majestic soundscape. While you could see part 1 more as an introduction to album, part 2-3 is much more. It starts in a calm way and very basic – just a piano and the vocals from Asle. The song builds-up along the way and since there are so many variations in the song you just keep on listening and enjoying. Talking about the vocals I have to say that they are awesome. Asle voice has many different facets; from calm and almost fragile (“Call me back”) to strong and powerful (“Redemption”). Bjorn’s guitar work is another highlight on the album. From a gentle melody up to heavy riffs, Bjorn gets all nuances out of his guitar. And by doing this he always keeps the song in mind and doesn’t try to get as much as possible notes into as less as possible time. It is the song which is in focus and takes you on to a trip through a fantastic aural landscape. This album has so much essence that I recommend to put your earphones on use the album as a soundtrack for a nice Sunday afternoon.

“The greatest show on earth” is an album for everybody who loves Pink Floyd and can’t get enough from their sound.





  1. Surveillance (part 1)
  2. Redemption
  3. Silence grows
  4. Call me back
  5. The greatest show on earth
  6. Surveillance (part 2-3)


Label: Plastic Head / Soulfood

Genre: Progressive Rock