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CD review VYRE "The initial frontier pt.1"

Veröffentlicht am 2. Dezember 2013 von Markus W. in Vyre, Black Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) Vyre is a German black metal band. The were growing out of (G)Eïs(t), the band of KG Cypher, Hegrykk and Zyan. "The initial frontier pt.1" is the debut of Vyre. The plan is, what a surprise, also to release a pt.2. This should take place in 2014.

But let's have first a look into part one. The lyrics are about sci-fiction and the tristesse of space traveling. So not really black metal topics, but a cool concept. The outer space is always worth a story. Certain lyrics in "Miasma" are also in German, which fits the song quite well.

The music is very interesting. The first thing which stands out is the length of the different songs. The album has 5 songs and on intro. Each song has a length between 8 and 11 minutes which leads to a total running time of appr. 48 minutes. The songs are pretty cool. I didn't want to say that it is classical black metal. I think, that we are more talking about bands like the newer Dimmu Borgir and Arcturus which inspired Vyre. Also the more bombastic production is a hint in that direction.

The epical 11 minutes long "Coil of pipes" is for me the highlight of the album. There are enough breaks and variation in the song to keep it exciting from beginning to end. The brawly vocals from KG Cypher are also outstanding in that song. But also the other songs can keep a certain quality level and doesn't get boring by having a such a length.

"The initial frontier pt.1" will not start a revolution in the (black) metal world, but it became a good debut and we can already be curious about part 2.





  1. Small bang theory (Intro)
  2. The initial frontier
  3. Fragile equilibrium
  4. Coil of pipes
  5. Digital dreams
  6. Miasma


Label: Supreme Chaos Records

Genre: Black Metal

CD review VYRE "The initial frontier pt.1"