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Veröffentlicht am 11. Dezember 2013 von Markus W. in Eye Of Solitude, Death Metal, News, CD Review

(6/10) UK metal band Eye Of Solitude worked on their new album called "Canto III". The album was released end November and is the third full length album of the band.

The album is a kind of concept album which is based on Dante's 'Inferno'. Looking into the music we will se a mix between doom and death. The music is slow and apocalyptical. It creates a dull ambience, which you of course also can expect be thinking about Dante's 'Inferno'. Eye Of Solitude plays really doom metal. But there are some breaks which leads to death metal with even a touch of black metal. The opener "Act 1: Between two worlds" is a good example for this. The songs starts with an orchestral intro before it went over into doom metal riffs. The growls are the next level on the escalation ladder. But here we are talking about the weak point of the album. I think that those very deep growls doesn't really fit to the music. I think, that the brawly black metal vocals fits much better and support the depressive atmosphere. I don't know why the band did stick only to those. The growls are really disturbing in this album. Hopefully they will change this on the next album.

From the songwriting in general I think that the songs are too long for the amount of ideas which are in each song. The songs are pretty long. Four of them have more than 10 minutes and the other two tracks are around 8 minutes. But I had the feeling that I've heard all of it after 5 minutes and I had a tenedecy to skip to the next song.

"Canto III" it's not good or bad. It is different and for me there is still quite some potential which the band can use in order to make the next step. Sometimes less is more.

PS: A funny side note is, that the album contains 6 tracks and has a length of 66 minutes. Coinsidence? Probabely not.






  1. Act 1: Between two worlds
  2. Act 2: Where the descent began
  3. Act 3: He who willingly suffers
  4. Act 4: The pathway had been lost
  5. Act 5: Sat in silence
  6. Act 6: In the desert vast


Label: Kaotoxin

Genre: Death Metal