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Interview with Robert Pehrsson (ROBERT PEHRSSONS HUMBUCKER)

Veröffentlicht am 15. November 2013 von Markus W. in Robert Pehrssons Humbucker, Classic Rock, Hardrock, Interview

I'm very happy that Markus' Heavy Music Blog can present you an interview with Swedish guitarist Robert Pehrsson. After Robert was involved in many bands during his career he released a few days ago his first solo album under the header Robert Pehrssons Humbucker. It became an excellent classic rock album with a lot of awesome songs. Just read the review also in Markus' Heavy Music Blog. But next to classic rock side Robert is also a crucial part in Death Breath; and those guys play typical Swedish death metal.

So it was very interesting to see that classic rock and death metal can go together. But enough introduction now. Check out the interview.


Markus’ Heavy Music Blog: Hej Robert, how are you?

Robert Pehrsson: I’m fine, thanks for asking. Busy as hell lately though.


MHMB: A few days ago you released your debut album. What were the reactions so far?

Robert: It is quite overwhelming how well the album has been welcomed. The reviews so far have been nothing but good.


MHMB: I have to say that I like the album a lot. It is classic rock, but it also sounds fresh and passionated. It seems that you had fun during the recordings.

Robert: To be completely honest it was both fun but also very hard because it was recorded during a very chaotic period in my life with family death and my relationship coming to an end etc. That’s why it took a while to get it finished, but I am very happy and proud of the end result.


MHMB: When have you written the songs? Was it during your entire career as musician or have you written the songs just before you went into the studio?

Robert: The album is a mix of songs I already had and brand new one’s I wrote during the recording. Most of them are quite new though.


MHMB: I like the relaxed „Can’t change“ a lot. What is the song about?

Robert: Thanks, I really like it too. It’s about going through life and not taking responsibility for yourself or anything else. You need to change but you can’t, so you end up staying the same pathetic person you are. It’s really a very sad song.


MHMB: Talking about studio. You recorded at Gutterview Recorders. Seems that a lot of good stuff is coming from there in these days. Next to your album also 77 from Spain recorded their debut there. The new In Solitude was recorded there,... What’s so special at Gutterview Recorders? Seems that it has a special vibe.

Robert: I’m personal friends with the guys who own it. In fact they are all on my album so it was only natural for me to record there. I’ve recorded there many times before. We have the same ideas about recording music. I think I’m on 80% of all the records they have recorded there singing backing vox.


MHMB: Actually I have to say that I love Stockholm. I was there quite often (actually I even had a two weeks language course there). The city seems to have a pretty vital rock and metal scene. Where does that come from?

Robert: I think we have had some early very good artists and bands in Sweden that showed everybody else that it is possible to come from this little country and still do well. It is also pretty easy to start a band here; there are places to rehearse etc. The support is good. And we have a strong history of many good bands so it’s just something many Swedes like to do, play music. It’s not only based in Stockholm. It’s all over the country.


MHMB: Beside your own band ;o)  Are there more new bands which are worth to listen to?

Robert: Yes there are a lot of bands. Check out Black Trip, they just released a very good album.


MHMB: Some of the songs on the album remind me to Thin Lizzy. Are they one of your favorite bands?

Robert: Yes, I love Lizzy and there are influences on my album, but I’m actually more influenced by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and not so many pick up on that which I find a bit curious.


MHMB: Where do you take your inspiration from? What are your faves?

Robert: Here are a few that inspired me for this record: ZZ Top, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, Neil Young, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Dinosaur JR, Nirvana, Kiss, Fleetwood Mac, UFO. I also like some early AOR music. There is some type of drama in that music that I sometimes is a sucker for, like the song Keep Pushin’ by REO Speedwagon or Surrender by ELO.


MHMB: Your musical history is quite diverse. You played in really heavy bands like Death Breath, but also with Dundertåget and Imperial State Electric, which are more rock/hardrock. Do you need this diversity and those extremes?

Robert: It is just that I love death metal as much as I love rock. But I only like the old stuff and I could not tour all the time playing that music. But I like it just the same. I have a broad musical spectrum. I like a lot of different music and if I like it I also want to play it. So for me to play rock one day and the next death metal is a natural thing.


MHMB: Talking about Death Breath. Rumors say that they work on a new album. Is that true?

Robert: Me and Nicke have written and recorded a new album. It needs vocals only.


MHMB: Are you still part of Death Breath?

Robert: Yes of course, I’m a founding member and written 50% of our songs.


MHMB: How about going on tour? Are there already plans?

Robert: I’m putting together the band right now and are discussing about signing with a management and then get a booker. So yes, we will be out on the road.


MHMB: How about going on tour with Dregen and Imperial State Electric in December? That would be a great Swedish power package

Robert: That would have been great but unfortunately it was not financial possible.


MHMB: What are the CD’s which you have on endless loop at the moment?

Black Trip - Goin’ Under, Justin Sullivan - Navigating By The Stars, Deep Purple - In Rock, The Driving Rain - New demo by my friends, really good power pop


MHMB: The album is very much classic rock, which brings me to another question. Do you prefer the classic vinyl or CD. Or mp3?

Robert: I prefer the classic vinyl without a doubt, but i must admit that I mostly listen to music in my car and it is on cd. I really like cars and driving and listening to music is something I really enjoy. But I use all the ways of listening to music, I have music in my phone, on my computer, on vinyl, on cassettes and on cd. So I still use them all.


MHMB: Last but not least. Do you see Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker as a solo project or can we expect more in the future?

Robert: It is my main priority and I hope it goes well so people want me back for more of course.


MHMB: Is there something which you want to share with the readers and we haven’t talked about so far?

Robert: Thank you for giving my album such a warm welcome. I cant wait play it live in your country! Cheers!


MHMB: Thanks for having you and tack så mycket.

Robert: Tack så mycket! Thanks for the support!

Interview with Robert Pehrsson (ROBERT PEHRSSONS HUMBUCKER)