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CD review SATAN'S WRATH "Aeons of satan's reign"

Veröffentlicht am 7. November 2013 von Markus W. in Satan's Wrath, Death Metal, Black Metal, The New Roses, News, CD Review

(7/10) Satan's Wrath comes from Greece and was founded in 2011. They worked on their second album which will be released in those days. Their debut was named "Galloping blasphemy" and came out in 2012. One year later Satan's Wrath releases their second full-length record called "Aeons of satan's reign". The band plays an interesting mix between thrash, black and death metal, sometimes with some quite classic heavy metal elements. I was thinking from time to time about Venom when I heard the record.

I have to say that I like the sound of the band. The songs itself are not too complicated, but they catch you with their intensity. The album also transports a mean and dark atmosphere, which is fascinating.

My favorite are "Die white witch die" with almost an Iron Maiden riffing in the beginning and the slower "Satan's blood, lucifer's fire". The last mentioned song has a real sinister vibe. The contradiction follows with the fast "All of us witches" - a mixture between Slayer and Venom". Also to allude is the title track. This song is with 8 minutes pretty long, but combines everything the band uses in the other songs. Classic metal soli, dark rough vocals, acoustic start, intensity and a high speed ending.

The thing I like less is the lyrics. They are full of cliches and it seems as the band tried to use as much as possible the words 'satan', 'lucifer' and 'witch'. Fits to the songs and the genre but it created a smile in my face.

"Aeons of satan's reign" - good album - good band - probably good live shows with all that material.



  1. Only Satan is lord
  2. Die white witch die
  3. Archfiend
  4. Ecstasies of sorcery
  5. Satan's blood, lucifer's fire
  6. All of us witches
  7. Lives of the necromancers
  8. Aeons of satan's reign

Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Black Metal

CD review SATAN'S WRATH "Aeons of satan's reign"