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Veröffentlicht am 4. November 2013 von Markus W. in Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker, CD Review, Rock, Classic Rock

(7/10) Have you ever heard about Robert Pehrsson? No. But you might heard about the Imperial State Electric and Thunder Express. Robert played in those bands and /or supported them in the studio/tour.

After all this Robert Pehrsson decided to start a solo career, at least to work on and release a solo album. He called the band Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker and the album is full of great classic rock songs. The main inspiration of the band comes from the 70's. The album was recorded at the Gutterview studios in Stockholm and Pehrsson got support from e.g. Nicke Andersson and Olle Dahlstedt (Entombed).

There is e.g. the very relaxed "Can't change". Shall I say ballad? No, it is just a groovy cool song with a blues vibe. A perfect track to chill. On the other hand there a also great rockers like "Haunt my mind" and "Serious". Last mentioned one has definitely some Thin Lizzy influences. The same goes for "Who else is on your mind". A favorite of mine is the pounding "Wasted time" which has a great beat combined with pushing guitars. Pehrsson has a great feeling for good melodies, which are dominating the songs, without leading them into clichés.

If you had tough weekend Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker are your Sunday soundtrack. Try it out. It works.



  1. Haunt my mind
  2. Serious
  3. Keep me in your heart
  4. Can't change
  5. Running for shelter
  6. Wasted time
  7. Mesmerized shadows
  8. Who else is on your mind
  9. Falling into darkness

Label: High Roller Records / Soulfood

Genre: Classic rock