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CD review SEVENTH KEY "I will survive"

Veröffentlicht am 15. Oktober 2013 von Markus W. in Seventh Key, Hardrock, CD Review

(8/10) Seventh Key is the band from Kansas bass guitarist Billy Greer and Mike Slammer of City Boy. Both guys know each other already from the earlier band Streets in which both played together in the 80's.

It took Seventh Key 9 years to release their third album. This a pretty long time and I wonder how many people still can remember the band. But the title of the album says it all - "I will survive". The band plays melodic hard rock which is similar of course to Kansas, even though Seventh Key plays a little bit harder stuff. Sometimes I was also reminded to Rainbow during the Joe Lynn Turner times and Bad English.

The experience of Greer and Slammer can be seen (heard) back in the songwriting. They created tracks with great hooklines, from soft till hard.

The opener, which is also the title track, is already one of my favorites. It starts with a great hammond, before an almost progressive instrumental parts starts. The motive played by the hammond comes back during the entire song. "Lay in on the line" is than one of the songs I was reminded to Rainbow. It has some little "Stone cold" elements. "I see you there" is a beautiful ballad which is followed by the faster "It's just a state of mind". Good to have this variety in the tracklist. After another ballad called "Sea of dreams" and the more average AOR song "Time and time again" another of my favorites found it's place on the album. "When love sets you free" is an excellent melodic rock song with a great hookline and a fantastic melody. The same goes for "The only one" - a good party rock song with a positive vibe. The album ends as it started in a progressive way. "I want it all" isn't that catchy than quite some other songs on the record, is more progressive and is another great song on the record. Am I hearing some Asia in this song?

If the band works further in that direction and if the next album comes earlier than in 9 years from now I think they can just gain.



  1. I will surivev
  2. Lay in on the line
  3. I see you there
  4. It's just a state of mind
  5. Sea of dreams
  6. Time and time again
  7. When love sets you free
  8. Down
  9. The only one
  10. What love's supposed to be
  11. I want it all

Label: Frontier Records

Genre: Melodic Hardrock

CD review SEVENTH KEY "I will survive"