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CD review RHAPSODY OF FIRE "Dark wings of steel"

Veröffentlicht am 30. Oktober 2013 von Markus W. in Rhapsody Of Fire, Heavy Metal, CD Review

(7/10) Do you expect surprises from a new Rhapsody Of Fire album? Not really. Do you expect good quality music with a very epic approach? Yes, of course. Can you imagine what you get? Exactly what you expect.

The band will release in November their new album called "Dark wings of steel" and it will be record number 10 for the band. As on the former releases as well the band focus on epic metal songs, combined with great harmonies, a good production and chorus parts with several voices. Bombast from the beginning to the end. But again, this is what we expect from the band and they deliver. Actually there is also nothing wrong, but there are two things which lower the positive impression. First of all the production is very polished. It is a good powerful sound, but it is almost too perfect. A little bit rougher production could have been good for the record. The second thing is, that each song sounds a bit like "heard before already". A few little surprises here and there could have been good.

I like slow and emotional "Custode di pace". It is a highlight in the album. It's actually a ballad, which shows the whole width of Fabio Lione. Also to mention "Tears of pain". The song has a surprisingly dark atmosphere and is one of the heavier songs on the album. "Angel of light" reminds from the song structure a bit to Manowar, while "Silver lake of tears" is probably the fastest track on the album, with some neo-classical guitar soli. A typical Rhapsody Of Fire song.

In general the album became a typical Rhapsody Of Fire release and all fans of epic heavy metal can go for it without being disappointed.



  1. Vis divina
  2. Rising from tradgic flames
  3. Angel of light
  4. Tears of pain
  5. Fly to crystal skies
  6. My sacrifice
  7. Silver lake of tears
  8. Custode di pace
  9. A tale of magic
  10. Dark wings of steel
  11. Sad mystic moon

Label: AFM records

Genre: Epic Metal

CD review RHAPSODY OF FIRE "Dark wings of steel"