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CD review MOTÖRHEAD "Aftershock"

Veröffentlicht am 18. Oktober 2013 von Markus W. in Motorhead, Heavy Metal, CD Review

(8/10) And review no. 100 on Markus' Heavy Music Blog goes to: Motörhead

Actually I don't know what to say about Motörhead. This is not since I'm speechless, but more because almost everything is said about the band. "Aftershock" is no. 22 in the bands discography and is 100% Motörhead. The album contains again aweome straighforward songs. Already the opener "Heartbreaker" and the second track "Coup de grace" give direction for what to expect. After that start it becomes more relaxed. "Lost woman blues" is a great song, of course with a lot of blues. The same goes for "Dust and glass". The song transports a lot of vibes and can be almost seen as a ballad. Instead of Brazil the journey is "Going to Mexico". Great song with a typical pounding Motörhead rhythm. And than there are the 'high speed fist in your face' tracks like "End of time" and "Paralysed". Those songs take your breath. "Queen of the damned" also belongs to this category. The song starts with the typical Lemmy bass intro and becomes a fast rocker.

"Aftershock" became a great rock'n'roll album which will be loved by all fans of the band.

The question which remains is about Lemmy and his condition. I hope that the energy of the album brings him 100% back on track. More of this great rock'n'roll stuff!



  1. Heartbreaker
  2. Coup de grace
  3. Lost woman blues
  4. End of time
  5. Do you believe
  6. Death machine
  7. Dust and glass
  8. Going to Mexico
  9. Silence when you speak to me
  10. Crying shame
  11. Queen of the damned
  12. Knife
  13. Keep your powder dry
  14. Paralysed

Label: UDR Music

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review MOTÖRHEAD "Aftershock"