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CD review MONKEY3 "The 5th sun"

Veröffentlicht am 20. Oktober 2013 von Markus W. in Monkey3, Stoner Rock, CD Review, Prog Rock

(8/10) Monkey3 is from Zwitzerland, play psychedelic rock with a progressive touch and releases their fourth album via Napalm Records. The album is called "The 5th sun" and contains 6 songs. All of them are instrumental tracks which are a mix between Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree. I never heard from the band before. A shame, since "The 5th sun" is a great piece of music.

Songs like the 14 minutes epos "Icarus"are just excellent tracks. The power and the intesity of this song is enormous. I like esp.the hammond organ supported midpart. Also cool is the spoken word middle section. Very good. "Suns" starts very chilling before a heavy riff takes over and transfers the song into a heavy rocker - again with some cool hammond parts. "Birth of venus" stays with lower speed and flows like lava into your ears. Via "Pintao" with a dark atmosphere you reach the next highlight, which is called "Once we were...". The songs has a cool guitar which introduce you to a hard and psychedelic song. The eight minute long "Circles" finalises a great album. "Circles" has some relaxed almost jazzy parts which are interrupted by heavy sound eruptions with some psychedelic charme. 

Eventhough there are now vocals on the entire album, the songs are always highly entertaining. Respect for this album and all friends of good music should check it out. 



  1. Icarus
  2. Suns
  3. Birth of venus
  4. Pintao
  5. Once we were...
  6. Circles

Label: Napalm Records
Genre: Pychedelic Heavy Rock

CD review MONKEY3 "The 5th sun"