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CD review ATLANTEAN KODEX "The white goddess"

Veröffentlicht am 21. Oktober 2013 von Markus W. in Atlantean Kodex, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review

(9/10) "The white goddness" is the second full length album of Atlantean Kodex. The band comes from Bavaria, Germany and released their very successful debut "The golden bough" in 2010. Now, three years later they released their new album and it continues where the band stopped with "The golden bough". Atlantean Kodex playes classical heavy metal with some doom influences. They combine this with some progressive elements. The album contains eight songs and all of the are anthems to heavy metal. The length of the songs is between 7 and 11 minutes with some shorter intros here and there.

"Trumpets of dodderland" is the first intro. Wind,wave and the trumpets welcome the listeners to an excellent album. "Sol invictus" is the first epos on the album. An eleven minutes masterpiece with some classical double metal guitars and vocals which are a bit like Geddy Lee from Rush. Another short intro called "Bilwis" guides you to the next highlight. "Heresirach" is the next track. It opens with a heavy guitar riff, which is amazing. The song is pretty slow and can be seen as a real doom track. Atlantean Kodex manages also with this song to keep the tention on a high level. The song is exciting from the beginning to the end. A few spoken words kick off the next track clalled "Twelve stars and an Azure Gown". It's a beautiful song with a lot of atmosphere. The spoken word parts are coming back during the song and emphasis the storytelling character of the track. Via the next intro called "Der Untergang der Stadt Passau" you get to "Enthroned in clouds and fire". What to say more about the song. Everything said would fit here as well. Great hamonies, combined with a dark and partly frightening atmosphere and some chiming bells make the song special. The final track is called "White goddess unveiled" sounds like a good version of the old Manowar. Heavy and powerful the song takes no prisoners. A pounding rhythm pushes you through those 11 minutes of pleasure and pain and the piano at the end is the grande finale.

The album is definitely one of the highlights in 2013 and I can imagine seeing this record back in a lot of top 10 yearly charts. And considering the third album as a milestone in bands history I'm already curiously looking forward to it.



  1. Trumpets of doggerland
  2. Sol invictus
  3. Bilwis
  4. Heresiarch
  5. Twelve starts and an Azure Gown
  6. Der Untergang der Stadt Passau
  7. Enthroned in clouds and fire
  8. White goddness unveiled

Label: Cruz del Sur Music
Genre: Doom Metal

CD review ATLANTEAN KODEX "The white goddess"